First Blog Post

June 8, 2022

Welcome to my new website and blog. My name is Walter D Holder, Jr. M.D. I am a retired physician, surgical oncologist and researcher with a deep interest in many things beyond my beloved professional career that have inspired me with a great sense of joy and purpose. These interests include spirituality, religion and my enduring love for the natural sciences such as biology, physics, astronomy, geology, as well as evolution and the future of the human race, the history of mass extinctions, archaeology and genetics. A very important issue for me is the deteriorating state of our environment and how we will we deal with the monumental problems ahead. I also believe that we are all in the verge of probably the greatest revelation in human history. There is much evidence for and reason to believe that there are numerous intelligent species in our galaxy and certainly elsewhere in the universe. We are not alone and have never been alone and I believe that some of them have been interacting with us for millennia.

My goal in creating this blog is twofold:

First, to give you updates on my new novel, Future Past Present, and my other writings in progress.

Second, to simply encourage you to think about interesting and unusual things, often called paranormal, that you don’t necessarily discuss in your daily life. For many of us, including myself, we live in a strange reality that seems to be separate from what I consider to be our true reality. Our current reality seems to be disconnected from our basic humanity and is all about corporations, businesses and individuals telling us that we are inadequate and need improvement by doing certain things, buying and using certain products and gimmicks that are designed to make us whole and fulfilled individuals by making our lives easier, more productive and more desirable. The effect of all this manipulation makes us uneasy, unhappy with what we have or how we look and makes us want to fix our fake problems whatever the cost. We live in an era of tremendous scientific, cultural and sociological change. We also live in an era where there is a desperate clinging to old ways, the denial of truth and scientific revelations and a fear of change that threatens our very existence. I simply ask you to love yourself and look for truth and goodness in your daily lives by cultivating compassion for all living beings and work to make the world a better place for everyone. This can be done through the arts, science, religion, spirituality or simply powerful human efforts and love.


Picture of Walter Holder

Walter Holder

Walter D. Holder Jr., M.D., FACS is a semi-retired academic surgical oncologist with decades of patient care experience, medical and surgical teaching, and clinical and basic science research. He loves all things science and has been committed to scientific truth and integrity throughout his life.