Coming out of our Cocoon

View of Earth from the Moon

When one considers the history of the human race with our roots extending back at least several million years, we must have faced many trials and tribulations. Despite these episodes of strife and troubles, we have survived to become the creative beings that we are today who have made our modern-day world with all of its benefits and problems. If we consider the much bigger picture of the evolution of our solar system, Milky Way galaxy and indeed all of the universe, we see how extremely fortunate we have been in many diverse ways. This includes, but certainly is not limited to, the elemental makeup of our planet including all of the elements of which we are composed, the abundance of water that we have that is crucial to so many processes, and our position in our solar system which is often called the Goldilocks zone that is just right in terms of not being too hot nor too cold. We have been protected by our giant planets, particularly Jupiter, that has scavenged numerous comets and asteroids that could have ended our evolving to our current state. One asteroid impact 60 million years ago ended 160 million years of dinosaur domination and allowed mammals to proliferate. Our large moon has stabilized our planet’s rotation and affected the rhythms of life all over our planet. Earth has moving tectonic plates that constantly shift, renew and change our surface and an iron core that produces a magnetic field that shields us from the radiation damage of the solar wind and has allowed protection for the evolution of life on our planet.

In many respects it appears that human beings came about and evolved to our present status as a result of a protective cocoon that is keeping us from annihilation from the multitude of destructive forces surrounding us. Most scientists deny teleological explanations and believe that there is no plan, design or purpose in the existence and functioning of our universe. The scientific belief is that the universe came into being for a yet unknown reason and everything that followed is the result of random actions and interactions that have produced our reality. Therefore, there can be no plan, no prime mover or creator and that everything we see as miraculous or intentionally designed is the result of statistical probability and chance alone. Science cannot fathom or cope with things that are not measurable. However, there are many unknowns in science that defies our current knowledge and theories that may be better understood in the future.

For most of us, living in the cocoon has been a necessary training ground for us to survive into the future. We have gone from barely surviving as a species to controlling many physical aspects of our lives and health, developing energy from atoms, irradicating many diseases, and have gone to the moon and explored our solar system with multiple space probes. More importantly, during this time, we have slowly begun changing from tribal ideas based on fear, dominance, conquest, racism, bigotry, and nationalism to ideas of equality, pacifism, altruism, egalitarianism, and tolerance. Some form of religious belief is ubiquitous to all human cultures and reflects our attempting to understand the nature of our existence and to answer not only how but why we and our world exist. Also, a recurrent message of religions is the extraordinary evidence of contact with entities who claim that they have created human beings and continue to direct our evolution and have plans for us in the future. A critical factor in our advancement is that human beings have encountered avatars, messengers from the divine, who came at various times from the creator to guide and assist us to evolve and become a perfected and enlightened people. These include many who are familiar to us such as Krishna, Buddha, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Native American Star People, and others.

During my lifetime, I found it very difficult to believe that there was no design, order or planning to the universe, to life on earth, and to my own growth as an individual. This idea that has become my quest for truth is a result of early religious training, extensive passion for learning and an unbounded love of science and nature. More importantly is my life-long interaction with remarkable loving people and incredible non-human beings. I frequently have a deep-seated feeling that the human race is being prepared for breaking out of the cocoon in preparation for our next state of evolution.

Since many people spend their lives oblivious to much of what happens around them, it will come as a great shock for them to find out several things that will very soon become apparent:

  • We are not the only intelligent life in the universe.
  • We human beings are not alone on earth and had never been alone.
  • Among all the sentient beings in the universe, even though we are the most intelligent creatures on earth, we are still quite low on the universal intelligence scale.
  • Yes, there is a universal creative force that you may call God or whatever you like.
  • Human beings were created and our evolution has been and continues to be directed to become more advanced and enlightened beings.
  • Human beings are spiritual entities who are having a bodily experience.
  • As spiritual beings we can interact and communicate with other spiritual beings including what we call ETs, spirits and the creative force or God.

Do not be afraid but accept the changes that are coming. Many people, including our own government, are well aware of the coming changes and are fearful of people’s reactions and their potential loss of authority over them. This, of course, involves money, power and the ability to control human beings. For years, many of Hollywood movies involving extraterrestrials and spirits have portrayed them as evil villains who want to take over the world and enslave the people of Earth. Currently, there are a considerable number of television programs and news shows regarding UFOs/UAPs since the Defense Department has stated that these are real but unknown objects, of possible extraterrestrial origin, capable of doing things that our current knowledge of physics tells us is impossible. Almost all of this information emphasizes that these objects are threats or potential threats to us and that they plan to invade our planet and annihilate us. Several things are obvious, including the fact that the government knows a lot more about these than they are revealing. If these other beings have a goal to take over the earth and destroy us, they could have done this very quickly a long time ago using their advanced technology. Increasing numbers of people around the world are seeing these things and even interacting with them. Currently, the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee is holding hearings on UAPs. This explosion of information is an unfolding story all of us need to watch closely. We are an integral part of the information that will be revealed and the changes that will surely come. Be prepared and be fearless. Fear is the enemy of good. We live in very interesting times.

August 10, 2022

Picture of Walter Holder

Walter Holder

Walter D. Holder Jr., M.D., FACS is a semi-retired academic surgical oncologist with decades of patient care experience, medical and surgical teaching, and clinical and basic science research. He loves all things science and has been committed to scientific truth and integrity throughout his life.