Jan Hus Living and Dying for Truth

Jan Hus was a Czech priest, theologian and philosopher who was an early church Reformation leader in the early 15th century. He was widely critical of the moral corruption, abuses and lies within the Catholic church and constantly promoted reforms that brought the ire of the church leadership who excommunicated him. On Saturday, July 6, 1415 in the town of Constance in the region of Bohemia on the Rhine River, he was martyred as a heretic by being burned at the stake and his known books and writings were destroyed. Hus’ message of fidelity to the truth which has been passed on from generation to generation, forms the core of his legacy to the church and his nation. This message still remains and needs to be heard and repeated by all who cherish the truth as the basis of their lives: “Seek the truth, listen to the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, speak the truth, abide by the truth, defend the truth unto death.” So many of us live a lie, hiding from the truth and presenting ourselves to the world as some other person we either want to be or were taught to be and not our true selves. The truth for us may be a lot with which to deal and may even make us upset or angry but it will set us free. Imagine creating a world where everyone is honest, forthright and caring for truth in all our dealings as we come out of the darkness and into the light.

In 1457, followers of Hus established in the city of Kunvald (currently in the Czech Republic) a community of believers that called themselves the Unitas Fratrum, Latin for “Unity of Brethren” which ultimately became known as the Moravian Church that I currently espouse and enjoy.

Walter Holder, MD

July 5, 2022

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Walter Holder

Walter D. Holder Jr., M.D., FACS is a semi-retired academic surgical oncologist with decades of patient care experience, medical and surgical teaching, and clinical and basic science research. He loves all things science and has been committed to scientific truth and integrity throughout his life.